7:23pm July 29, 2014

Don’t be alone, Doctor

I like this because the War Doctor was alone. And alone he was going to use the final solution. Then were was Bad Wolf; and she knew. She knew he needed someone. So she showed him himself, how he is after all his friends - his family. Then he found a better way. All he needs is someone. Someone to remind him why he started this crazy adventure. Why the First Doctor was banished to earth. He will always need someone.

10:52am July 29, 2014


If Parrish dies I’m quitting life.

10:50am July 29, 2014


That’s it that’s the whole show. 

10:49am July 29, 2014

Houses of Hogwarts minimalist posters

10:47am July 29, 2014


New photos from Avengers: Age of Ultron (x)

10:46am July 29, 2014



Times Tumblr Raised Serious Questions About “Harry Potter”


10:45am July 29, 2014


Frozen Is The New Black (X)

This is everything I’ve ever wanted and more.

10:44am July 29, 2014
Anonymous asked: could you write something where bucky can pick up thor's hammer please? thanks!


"Here, you dropped this," Bucky says, holding out the hammer.

The room goes deathly silent, all eyes trained on him.  ”How are you doing that?” Tony says, the first to break, looking around from face to face wildly.  ”How are you - how is he doing that?”

"Uh," says Bucky.  He looks down.  He’s not even holding it with the metal hand.  "With my hand?"

Thor starts advancing on him, and Bucky falls back a step, but not before he sets the hammer gingerly on the ground.  Sam, as Steve is not present, steps cleanly between the two, hands raised in a placating gesture.  ”Look, if he’s broken some sort of Asgardian thing, some sort of tradition or law with other people’s weapons, you can’t be mad at him, I’ve done it too,” he says, bends down, and picks up the hammer.  It isn’t even that heavy.  ”See?  And Steve moves it when he’s cleaning, I’ve seen him do it.  

Thor stops in his tracks, and is suddenly laughing so hard he has to support his weight on his knees.  ”What?” Bucky asks.  ”What’s so funny?”

In the background, Tony kicks the wall and swears.

10:42am July 29, 2014




Todd Lockwood's amazing animations of dragons in flight. The red dragon is conventional  - if any dragon can be considered conventional - but the gold dragon with that extraordinary wing and helix-ripple, not at all…

I just spent ten minutes staring at these. Thank you Todd!

I love me some gold dragon wings

10:40am July 29, 2014


Earthlight is the partial illumination of the dark portion of the moon’s surface by light reflected from the Earth and from the Earth’s airglow. It is also known as Earthshine [or] Planetshine, the Moon’s ashen glow, or the old Moon in the new Moon’s arms.”